Come one come all to the greatest Hero Academy of ’em all!  Xavier had his school, Emma Frost had hers, and sky high wasn’t that bad. But The Healing Place has something that’s pretty rad!

What is Hero Academy? It is a 3 day kids camp for kids that were in grades kindergarten through 5th grade this past school year (Approx. Ages 6-12).  We will be communicating the message of what it means to be a Hero of Faith. We will be focusing on characteristic such as serving in all situations and doing everything with humility. We will also focus on the spiritual attributes of a true hero, such as passionately pursuing God.  The camp is a ministry sponsored by Firm Foundation Childrens Ministry at the Healing Place at Glad Tidings which will help kids grow in the Lord.

What To Expect? The camp runs from 8am – 8pm each day with games and activities planned throughout the day.  Parents are expected to drop off their children, however, parents that choose to stay will need to consult the Camp Pastor.  Lunch and dinner will be provided along with snacks and refreshments.  Breakfast is not provided by the camp.  Parents should provide breakfast for their children before they arrive.  If it is necessary for a child to eat at an odd time due to medical reasons, a parent or guardian will need to speak with the Camp Pastor.  Each student will be a part of a team with other kids and will participate in teams and individual challenges to gain points.  Led by teens from Open Youth Ministries who love God and love kids, the teams will compete against one another to become the camp heroes. The kids will be taking two off campus trips during the camp.  These trips and transportation for the trips are included in the cost of the camp.  We will end each day with a Hero Service starting at 7pm.  These services are open to all parents and guardians.  We encourage all parents and family members to attend our special Closing Rally and Hero Service which will be held Wednesday night starting at 7pm.

For more Information go to http://www.healingplaceonline.com/Hero.html

Logo for Hero Academy

Logo for Hero Academy


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