Operation:Jesus Lives – Power In Your Name (KDG)

hello folks!

This past Sunday’s Big Idea was short, sweet, simple, and impacting. “Jesus Heals Today”

While discussing this we hit 3 simple points.

1. Jesus Heals today! (Isaiah 53:5)

2.We are healed through Faith – Prayer (Matthew 9:22)

3. Jesus is not just concerned about our physical health, but also our spiritual health. (3 john 2)

For Wednesday’s KDG (Kids’ Discipleship Group) we will ask the following questions

1. Has someone ever prayed for you when you were sick? Did you feel better after prayer?

2. If someone we know is sick or hurt what can we do to help them?

3. What can we do to access God’s healing in our own lives?

4. What if we prayed and someone is still sick?


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