Operation Jesus Lives: God Sent the Holy Spirit to Help Me (KDG)

This past Sunday we hit hard the fact that we are not alone, that the Holy Spirit was sent here to help us! ( John  16:6-8)

To help hammer this point home we will be discussing the following questions:

1. Why did God send the Holy Spirit?
He came to enable us to know Christ through salvation and to give us the power to live the life Jesus promised to all who trust and obey Him

2.  How can the Holy Spirit help us every day?
It is as simple as asking for help. He is there at all times to guide and lead us in wisdom. Learning to listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit is a vital part of growing with Jesus

3. What effect does the wind have on our world?
Even though the wind is invisible, it can have a massive power. e.g. a tornado or a hurricane. In the same way although we can’t see the Holy Spirit, [much like i can’t see my cursor on my screen anymore… hmmm 😦 ] we know he is there and gives us power to do incredible things. [again much like my cursor.]

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out in your Bible! [hmmm i just had a Reading Rainbow moment]


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