Father’s Day

So… i’ve decided to deviate away from the Basic Training to discuss with all of the kids exactly what a father is. Here are my notes.

Let me translate a few things: Exp = Explanation
Ill= Illustration
App= Application
TS= Transition Sentence

Title:  God is a Father to All

Text:  Luke 15:11-32, Malachi 2:10, Psalm 68:5, Deut 10:18, James 1:27

Central Idea of the Sermon: God is our heavenly father and loves us dearly.

Introduction: When I first got saved I had a Youth Pastor named Pastor Keith Grabill, we called him PK. He once told this story about a kid who was really excited about riding his bike. However, his dad had made some boundaries for him. He wasn’t allowed to leave his yard. Well of course that’s no fun, so one day this kid took his bike out on the street and he started to cruising. He enjoyed it so much! He had no idea why his dad wouldn’t let him go ride on the street before. Suddenly around the corner came this big Mack Truck. I guess it didn’t see the kid or something because sure enough as it came around it smacked the kid’s back tire and the kid went flying through the air! Somewhere between lift off and the crash landing was when the kid realized why his dad gave him boundaries. His dad knew that there would be a time when it would be safe for his son to go riding on the street, and he knew that now was not the time. His father gave him the boundaries out of love. Like this boy’s father, God gives us boundaries.

TS: This is partly why we can consider God to be our Daddy!

  1. We all have the same daddy and you can call him God! (Malachi 2:10)

Exp: Several times the bible describes God as a Father.  Malachi says that we all have one father. Romans 8:15 says that when we are born again we are truly considered to be His Children. In fact it uses the word “Abba” which is a loving way of saying father. Kind of like saying Daddy!

App: You are a child of God. He loves you the way a Father should.

TS: Like a good father he guards our hearts from things we are not ready for.

2.Don’t be in a rush to receive what you’re not ready for! (Luke 15:11-32)

Exp: In ancient times it was customary for the possessions of a man to be passed down to his children. This could happen one of two ways. One the father dies and the sons split the inheritance, (two thirds to the oldest, one third to the youngest) or a father may at will give his son the inheritance. The son was impatient and rebellious and went to his father and demanded for his father to give over the inheritance before the father really saw fit. As a result the son went out and blew all of his money and ended up in a pig pin.

Ill: Remember the story about the kid riding his bike? See his father knew it wasn’t time for him to go out alone but he did it anyways! As a result he got hurt.

App:  God give us boundaries, because like every good father. He doesn’t want to see us get hurt.

TS: Part of God’s plan to watch over was to give us fathers here to help lead us, guide us, teach us, love us.

3.Dad’s are meant to show you God. (Ephesians 6:4)

Exp: God gives a mandate to fathers to train up their children. To teach them about who God is.

TS:  But what about those who don’t have a father around?

4. God gives us spiritual Fathers. (James 1:27)

Exp: The Bible says that God is the father to the fatherless. Because he does love us all so much, he puts “spiritual fathers” in our lives. These are en to come along side to help teach and train you in the ways of the Lord. To help guard my heart from the things of the wicked and help input the things of God.

Ill: When I was young I did not have a father who was active in my life. From age 10 to age 20 I didn’t even see him. However, God had a plan for me. He looked down and saw me and said “I am going to put someone in your life to be a father.” So what did he do? He put Pastor Matt and Doug in my life to help influence me.

App: For those of you who don’t have a father in your life, Remember God is your father. Look around and you will find that he’s put different men in your lives to help guard your heart and teach you just who God really is.


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