Operation I’m Not Ashamed of the Gospel: KDG: What’s the Gospel

Let me start off by giving a fantastic praise report!!

5 kids prayed for Salvation tonight!!

Yeah i was pretty excited about it too 🙂

But back to tonight’s KDG 🙂

Tonight God put on my heart to teach our kid’s something very important. How many of you have ever had someone say something along the lines of

“Well you just need to go out and preach the Gospel!”


“Well we were out about preaching the Gospel and it was a just a great time”

Of course the question is… What is the Gospel? How can you explain what you don’t know? So tonight i had the kids open up to 1 Corinthians 15. Here i broke down the Gospel into 3 simple points.

1. Christ died on the Cross for all of our sins

2. Three days later he rose from the dead

3. If we believe in him we will recieve Salvation.

This is a relativly simple message. However this is the message that changes lives. Are you willing to share these 3 simple points with someone?


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