Heroes Obey God

Title:  Heroes Obey God

Text: Hebrews 11:7, Genesis 6

Central Idea of the Text: The writer of Hebrews points out that Noah obeyed God in faith.

Central Idea of the Sermon: A true hero must obey God.

Introduction: The X-Men are my favorite group of super heroes ever! As a team of heroes they are probably the best. I love the individuality of each person. Wolverine with his healing abilities and those cool claws! Nightcrawler and his ability to crawl up walls and teleport from one place to another! But what’s really cool about the team is that they all understand that Professor Xavier is their leader. They know that if they want to succeed in their mission they must listen to Xavier. True heroes know that they must obey their leader even when it seems weird. Our leader is God. And in Hebrews 11 he points out one true Hero who obeyed him even though the instructions were weird. This hero’s name you ask? Noah

TS: So what happened to Noah?

1. The Story

Exp: Man was at this time was evil. God had enough of what they were doing. The Bible says that he actually regretted even making man. He was so fed up that he had decided to hit the reset button on all of humanity! All except for one man. Noah. Noah was found grace in God’s eyes because Noah walked with God. So God decided to spare Noah and his family. However, Noah did have to do something very strange. He had to build a GIANT BOAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT! And if that wasn’t strange enough he had to go out and collect 2 of every single creature on the planet! Why? Because God was going to flood the planet.

TS: Can you imagine what the people must have thought?

2. Even When Mocked, We Obey (not found in scripture)

Exp: The Bible doesn’t say but I can imagine what the reaction of the people around was. I’m sure they all thought he was strange. Probably made fun of him, called him names. But even still Noah trusted God. So despite all the mocking and name calling he moved on and the Bible says he did exactly what God had told him to do.

TS: So what happened after he finished the boat?

3. God Flooded the Planet

Exp: The Bible says God never lies. It also says he has a plan and a purpose for everything he does. So when God said he was going to flood the planet, he meant he was going to flood the planet! Sure enough the rains came showering down on the Earth for 40 days and 40 nights. It was horrible storm! Water was everywhere. However, just as God had promised Noah and his family were saved.


4. Can you be a hero like Noah?

Exp: Someday God will ask you to do something very strange. Something that, to the rest of the world, seems to be right out weird! He may tell you to go up to a person with no legs and pray for them to grow legs. He may tell you to go and sit by the one person in the cafeteria that no body likes, and be a friend.

But you shouldn’t be afraid to do these things. All God asks is for you to obey. He will take care of you.


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