A Hero Gives their Very Best!

Title:  A hero Gives their very best!

Text: Hebrews 11:4, Genesis 4

Central Idea of the Text: The writer of Hebrews points out that Abel’s offering was a better sacrifice then Cain’s.

Central Idea of the Sermon: A true Hero Gives his Very Best!

Introduction: ::Character walks up complaining that something strange has been following. It’s following because they have not truly given their very best to God.::

What if Spider-Man one day said. “mmmm I’ll save just a few people today I’m tired.” It would be horrible! People would look at him and say “You’re no hero!” Why? Why would people say that? Because a hero must give his very best!  Hebrews 11:4 talks about a hero of faith who gave his very best.  This mighty Hero is named Abel.

TS: Let me tell you about his story

1. The Story

Exp: Abel was a sheep herder his brother Cain was a farmer. One day God had asked them to give an offering to him. The Bible says that Cain brought some fruit. You know like apples, oranges, tomatoes. Abel on the other hand brought his very best lamb to give to God. We are talking the pick of the heard. Some of the tenderest, juiciest lamb chops you’d ever eat would come from this lamb!

While both brought something, the Bible tells us that God didn’t like Cain’s offering, but he did really like Abel’s. This made Cain extremely mad.

TS: Why do you think God didn’t like Cain’s offering?

2. Because he didn’t bring his very best. (vs 7)

Exp: In verse 6 and 7 God came to Cain and said, “Why are you angry? If you do well, will you not be accepted?”  As it turns out Cain had not really given his very best to God. Abel on the other hand had given his very best.

TS: ::to character:: God told Abel that this causes something. Do you know what it is?

  1. Sin lies at your door.

Exp: The rest of verse 7 says “And if you do not do well, Sin lies at your door. And it desires to have you, but you must mater it”

::To character:: That lil creature that has been following you… That’s sin. It’s there because you have not given your very best to God.

Ill: Sin has come closer to the character

App: If you don’t give your very best to God, you open yourself up to slack of and do things that God doesn’t like. These things are called sin.

TS: But do you know what happens if you do give your very best to God?

3. God Testifies About Who You Are!

Exp: Hebrews 11:4 says that because Abel gave a good offering, God testifies about how righteous and godly a person he was! So if you give your very best God will testify about you too.

Ill: Character gives up object signifying they are giving their very best. Suddenly a deep voice comes out testifying that the character is a very Godly person and the sin flees tripping and tumbling over humorously.

App: So if you give your very best God will testify about you too.


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