A True Hero Diligently Seeks God

Title:  Diligently Seeking God

Text: Hebrews 11:5-6

Central Idea of the Text: While explaining the concept of faith the writer points out Enoch because he pleased God, the writer then points out you can not please God without faith.

Central Idea of the Sermon: Part of faith is to diligently seek God

1. Seek and you shall find (vs 6, Matthew 9:22)

Exp: God is not a fan of randomly rewarding the lazy. However he does continually reward those who seek after him.

Ill: Woman with the issue of blood.

App: The woman marched through the crowd diligently seeking help from Christ. She was healed because of her efforts. If you seek Christ he will help you in your times of need.

TS: But how do you seek?

2. Seek in Prayer (Zach 8:21)

Exp: Prayer is our how we communicate with God. Prayer is a two way conversation with God. Sometimes we speak and sometimes we sit and listen.

Ill: Using a Walkie talkie. You can’t hold down the button and talk constantly on a walki talki. why? because the other people don’t have a chance to respond. Sometimes in prayer you just have to sit there and be quiet.

App: If you want to seek God you must pray develop a prayer life.

TS: How else can you seek God?

3. Read your Bible

Exp: 2 Timothy 3:16 Says all scripture is God breathed. Meaning that the entire Bible is literally the word of God.  When you seek after someone you long to know more about them. God has given us tons of information about him, here in the bible.


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