Heroes are willing to give up everything for God

Title:  Heroes are willing to give up every thing for God.

Text: Hebrews 11:17-19, Gen 22

Central Idea of the Text: The writer of Hebrews highlights Abraham because he was willing to sacrifice is only son to please God.

Central Idea of the Sermon: God gives us many wonderful things but we must be willing to give it all up if it’s what God wants.

Introduction: In X-Men the Last stand there is a “cure” for the mutant gene in side all of the X-Men.  When they find out about this they are faced with a very hard choice. Become a normal human being and give up their powers that enable them to save the lives of millions of people, or keep their powers to do what is right and never be able to be normal. Every great hero is faced with a similar choice. The choice to give up something they’ve wanted for so long, for a greater reason. The writer of Hebrews points out one such hero. It points out a man who must choose to either give up his son or to honor God.

TS: His name is Abraham.

1. Background Story

Exp: Abraham and his wife had wanted children for many, many years yet were not able to.  Then one day a man came to Abraham and told him that He and his wife would have a child. At first Abraham laughed in astonishment because he and his wife were very, very old. But never the less he believed that God was going to give him a child. Sure enough some time later when Abraham and his wife were close to 100 years old, they had a son named Isaac. Abraham loved Isaac tremendously! He and Sarah were so very happy to have finally have a son.

Ill: This was really big. It’s kind of like when this guy named Zack was promised a puppy. His parents had promised that they would give him a puppy. But he lived in an apartment and was not allowed to have a puppy. But down the road his parents had bought a home with a really nice big yard. Then the day he move in they turn around and give him this really cool puppy.

App: God will some times promise to give you things that at the time you don’t see how it’s possible to achieve. Like how Abraham was promised a son and Zack a puppy. But sure enough down the road God makes a way so that he can fulfill his promise to you. Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have a child but God made away and they loved him more than anything else in the world.

TS:  But one day God came to Abraham

2. The Sacrifice (Gen 22)

Exp: God had decided to test Abraham. He said to him “take now your son, your ONLY son Isaac, whom you love, and take the mountain and sacrifice him to me.”  Can you imagine how Abraham felt!? Isaac was Abraham’s world and God was asking him to give it all up. Even though it was promised to him by God. Did Abraham rebel? NO! He trusted that God would do something amazing in his life. So he packed up and took a three day journey to the mountain.  On the way Isaac began to ask questions about where the lamb that was to be sacrificed was. Abraham just told his son “God will provide” They got to the mountain and he tied Isaac up and was right about sacrifice him when an Angel stopped him.  God said he now knew that Abraham would truly trust God no matter what God asked of him.

App: We enjoy a lot of things in our lives. But we have to realize all we have and are is only because God gave it to us.  We must be willing to give everything we have if God asks it.


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