Beware false doctrine! – Kids Discipleship Group

in 1 timothy Paul gives Tim the job of making sure that the Doctrien that everyone is teaching is the proper doctrine. Apparently some false doctrine had been seeping into the church and was starting to be taught by some leaders.

Now some of you may be sitting there thinking “well dallas i think i’m mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong.” But what happens when the false doctrine has a lot of truth in it? That’s how cults got started. Just enough truth that it sounds right, yet it’s not. example. Which story is false?

1. God told a man to do something. but he man refused and went the opposite directi0n of what God wanted him. So God made the donkey kick the guy off and look at him, then speaking in the man’s language said “Hey! listen to God!”

2. Abraham wa walking along in a garden one day. Then suddenly God spoke to him and said, “Abraham, take a fatten lamb and make a sacrifice. I then want you 2 burry the lamb. When the season comes a tree will grow from the place the lamb was burried. Eat off the fruit and i will bless ur family.”

3. A king was had a great feast. on a whim he commanded that the gold goblets from the temple of God to be brought in to be used. Suddenly a hand appeared in thin air and began to write on the wall. The inscription told the king that his days were numbered and his kingdom would be divided.

Now which story is false? The donkey? the tree? or the mysterious hand? would u believe it’s the tree? cuz it is. but it sounded just right enough that some of u would believe it.

The point of last night’s KDG was simple. We MUST stay in God’s word. If we don’t read it then how will we know when someone is telling us wrong?


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