Unlikely Heroes – Joseph

In comic books, the heroes were always easily identified.  The heroes are always tall, pretty, or extremely wealthy.  Flipping though the pages of a comic book or while watching the latest movie, you can easily point out who the good guy is. But God has a different way of picking out Heroes. What does God look for? Who does God choose? What is life for these people?

This past Sunday we’ve started our newest series that is based around these questions. Who are these “Unlikely Heroes?”

The first unlikely Hero we learned about is a man known as Joseph.

Joseph was the runt of his house hold, however, he was the the one his father seemed to love most. His father loved him so much that he made Joseph a coat of many colors! This frustrated Joseph’s brother’s and they began to hated him. (Genesis 37:1-4)

If things weren’t bad enough Joseph also had a couple of dreams that ended up meaning that his brothers and even his parents would one day bow to him. (Genesis 37:5-11) Oh yeah… they were mad.

So here’s Joseph a man who God had called to greatness! He was the most loved by his father! Life should have been EASY for him.  Isn’t that how life should be for us Christians? We are called out! God’s chosen! Surely life for those that God truly loves are easy with no pain or suffering… right?

Sadly… Lets continue on this journey with Joseph.

Joseph had it rough! He was sold into slavery! (Gen 37:12-36) He was accused of attacking another man’s wife! (Gen 39:7-15) and he was even thrown into prison!! (Gen 39:20)

So what comfort does he have? What comfort do we as Christians have when life seems to have the power of a Tyson vacuum cleaner?

Verse 21 of chapter 39 in Genesis…

the LORD was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor

That my friends is where we find hope. God never said he was going to take away all of our problems. But we should take comfort in that when we are in our darkest times… He is there with us.

Later in Genesis we find this man who’s hated by his brothers, thought to be dead by his parents, accused of attacking a woman, and is a convict, ends up being the Unlikely Hero that Egypt needed. God had placed in him in just the right spot so that Joseph may glorify God.

If you would like to hear this actuall message you can go to http://www.healingplaceonline.com and click on podcast. It is entitled “Unlikely Heroes 1” Warning the audio is a lil low so u may have to turn up ur speakers a bit.


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