The Bible – Scripture is the very words of God

So God has placed a burden on my heart over the last few weeks. The burden was for his Word. We have to many Christians who either don’t read the Bible or when they do read it, they don’t know how to read it. What I have decided to do is over the next three weeks, plant a seed into our children’s hearts that will blossom into a hunger for God’s word.

This past Sunday I’ve given the Children this “Big Idea”

The Bible is the very words of God

I started with this scripture

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness
~2 Timothy 3:16

The first thing that I want to point out is that scripture is that because “Scripture is God-breathed” it carries authority. The Bible, coming from the very mouth of God, has the authority of God.

As a child i did not clean my room very often…. ok even as an adult i don’t clean my room… ::cough::

But sometimes my mom would be in the kitchen cooking, something she does very well… and that’s why i’m a fat guy, and she’d turn to my sister “Go tell Dallas to turn off tv or video game which ever it is he’s doing and tell him he needs to have his room cleaned before It’s time to eat dinner.” So my sister would come to me, “Dallas, Mom says you need to turn that stuff off and clean u’re room before dinner”

Now i didn’t look at my sister and say “pssha” no because Damara was carrying the authority of my mom! Damara was the medium which mom chose to communicate with me at that moment. If i had chosen to ignore what was told to me by Damara then i would be in sin. Why? Because i didn’t just ignore damara, the medium used for communication, but i ignored the source. My mom. (yes just related my mom to God, shhh don’t tell her or she’ll get a big head)

But that’s the same way with the Bible. has decided to use the Bible to communicate to us. So for us to read the scripture and then say, “I’m going to ignore that,” then you are not just ignoring the Bible, you are ignoring the one true God.

The second point was that the Bible is NEVER wrong. in Scripture itself we find this

“…it is impossible for God to lie,…”

If God can never lie than the words found in scripture can never be wrong.  I explained to the children that the Bible was penned by some 40 different authors, over a time span of 1600 years.  Yet it never contradicted it’s self. 64 books dictating one plan of salvation.  Some people try to bring up the differences in the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). But if you really step back and look at all of the Gospels you realize that they are not 4 different stories but 4 stories sides of the same event.

To illustrate this i pulled out a table. Place a small stuffed animal in the middle of the table. I grabbed 3 kids. each kid and my self sat on different sides of the table. We each drew the animal. Now we all drew the same creature. But each picture looked different. Looked different for 2 reasons.

1. we each saw a different side of it.

The 4 Gospel writers each saw a different side of the story.  So you find that if you look at all 4 together and combine them that you have a fuller picture. One of my favorite books is a book called “Harmony of the Gospels” by Robert Thomas and Stanley Gundry.  It takes the gospels and puts them together side by side in columns. Helping you to gain a fuller picture of what was happening in the stories.  Here’s a link to where you can buy it [link] the scriptures are from the New American Standard version of the Bible. Personally i really like this version. It’s easy for me to read and it’s closer to the original language than the NIV. However if you want you can find it in NIV.

2. We each had our own style of drawing.

We each saw the same thing but drew differently.  why? just because we each had our own skill, and style.  This is how all of scripture was written. God used the style and personality of each writer to lay out the Bible.  This is called Verbal Plenary Inspiration (no i didn’t teach the kids that word that’s a freebie for you adults.) This is contrary to the popular belief that these authors went into some mystical trance and God over took their body and mind and wrote out the words himself.


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