How to Understand the Bible 1: Old fogies and our Differences

Welp this week i’m just gonna put up my notes that i use for the sermon. enjoy 🙂

Central Idea of the Sermon: To understand the Scriptures we must first understand why it was written.

Introduction: Have you ever Read something and went “huh!?” For the next two weeks we will discover how to avoid the huh!?’s Now you will still get those but we’ll try to make it easier for you!

TS: Ever read someone else’s mail?.

I. Scriptures were written with purpose.

Exp: Scripture was written at a certain time, for a certain group, for a certain reason.

Ill: For an illustration I read an old e-mail from a friend of mine. The e-mail was from 2004 and made references to personal conversation and things that were happening in 2004

TS: Now that you understand that they are personal we must figure out why they were written.

II. Why’d they say that!?

Exp: To understand the Big picture we must first understand the smaller parts. When you read the Bible we must first attempt to understand why it was written and what it mean tot the original audience. If we don’t first understand that how can we possibly apply it out our lives? To do this we must read the scripture very carefully. Looking at what is said from their point of view.

Ill: Let’s look at Joshua 1:1-9. What did the text mean to the Biblical Audience?
The Lord commanded Joshua, the new leader of Israel, to draw strength and courage from God’s empowering presence, to be obedient to the law of Moses, and to meditate on the law so that he would be successful in the conquest of the Promised Land.

TS: Now that we know what it meant now need to figure out what the differences are between THEM and US.

III. Difference

Exp: There are differences between us and the biblical audience. These things include culture, language, situations, and also the time period.

Ill: If I gave you instructions on how to play a cassette tape, many of you would be completely confused. Why? Because you don’t know what a cassette tape is! Many of you are WAY to young to know what that is. What how about an 8-track player? Anyone know what that is? There’s a difference between then and now. So what are the differences? One… we don’t use those anymore. Now we use CD’s and MP3’s. Right? So what are the differences in the text.

App: We are not leaders of the nation Israel (although some of us may be leaders in a the church). We are not embarking on a conquest of Canaan, the Promised Land, We are not under the old covenant of law.

Conclustion: So now what? What do we do now that we know what the text meant to the original people and what the differences are between them and us today?

Hehe, you’ll find out next week 🙂


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