In the Midst of a Storm

Let me ask you something…
Do you feel alone?
Are you hurting?
When you close you’re eyes is the only thing you see the troubles and strife in life?

May I share something with you?

Did you know; that even though you may feel alone that Jesus is there with you?
Did you know; that even though you are hurting Jesus is there applying his healing love to your broken heart?
Did you know; that even though all you see is troubles and strife Jesus is there holding you close, caring for you, carrying you, providing for you?


I am reminded of a story in the Matthew 8 and Luke 8 where the disciples and Jesus all boarded a boat and set sail. Jesus had just finished doing a lot of teaching and ministering so he had decided to lay down for a bit and take a nap. I imagine that it was nice calm peaceful day and the rocking of the boat and the cool air would have helped him fall asleep much quicker.

Then, suddenly, a massive storm hit. Towering waves came crashing down upon the boat! Tossing it back and forth like a rag doll. The wind howled and roared through their sail, possibly causing small rips in the fabric. The slick wood of the boat and the rocking of the waves; causing the men to slip and fall. This storm must have been much more than any ordinary storm because the disciples were experienced fishermen and they were terrified.

Does your life feel like this? Do you feel like you are one of those men on that boat. You’ve tried everything you know, but it all failed. You are now to the point that you are just holding on for dear life trying not to drown in the midst of your situation and despair.

Lets continue the story…

You see they didn’t stop their. They didn’t allow the storm to just over take them. Instead, they looked to the one person who could help. But when they looked at him he was asleep. I’m sure in some of their minds they felt abandoned thinking, “how in the world could he sit their and sleep while we are all so scared to death!” Others thinking, “Oh, we should bother him. He’ll just tell us to figure it out.”

Hmm.. seems like their situation just went from bad to worse. Do you feel the same way. Do you feel like Jesus has abandoned you? Or do you feel like he wouldn’t care about your situation?

Then perhaps… I should finish this story?

I wonder which disciple was the first to say “Forget this! I’m going to wake the master. I know he can help us.” And he, with weak legs struggling to walk across the tossing boat went to the Jesus to wake him. I wonder what he thought as he reached out his hand to the Jesus to seek help?

Suddenly the master arose, walked out on deck of the boat, and with his tongue, rebuked the storm. At that moment the storm in their lives came to calm.

If you are going through a storm right now, I want to urge you. Look to the one who can help. Reach your hand out to the one who can calm the storm of your life. He’s not to busy for you. He loves you, He cares for you. All you have to do is reach out and ask him for help.


One thought on “In the Midst of a Storm

  1. I guess everybody feels alone at least sveral times per life. But there is a great difference between feeling alone and lonely.

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