Unity – Intro

This past Sunday I started a our new series on a very important topic. For the next four weeks we will be dealing with the issue of Unity.  The issue of unity is so important that Christ himself even prayed for us to have it. (John 17:20-21)

In today’s world of wars and lies and deceit that come across to our kids via television, movies, conversations with friends who are simply repeating what their own parents said; it is very easy to breed disunity.  Even in our own churches we hear Brother Bob and Sister Jane over in the corner “discussing” important issues in the church. Most of which turn out to be none of their business and are more about personal pride than actual concern for the body of Christ. Things like that is what causes disunity in the church.

I spent Sunday just laying out what we will be discussing for the next four weeks.  I discussed how the very definition of being in Unity is the state of being one. I related it to what it’s like to be on a team. In football not all members of the team are the quarterback. There are some who’s single job is to simply block (granted that’s not always simple). Some are needed to run and catch the ball for the touchdown. Some are needed to be on the sideline to cheer on encourage their teammates when things are down.  Now they all have different jobs and purposes, but they all have on goal in mind.

We as Christians are the same. Some are called to preach, some to sing (i’m not one of those haha), some to serve. We each have a different job but we all have one goal; to serve and honor God.  One of the way we worship God is by presenting the Body of Christ to the world. So that we can help do our part in seeing people who don’t know Christ become Christians.   If we as Christians are not unified and constantly backbiting and bickering  than those who are not Christians will have a bad impression of Christ.

I turned the Kids attention to Ephesians 4:1-3. It is here that we find the key to building up and maintaining the unity that is suppose to be in the Church.

  1. Being Humble
  2. Being Gentle
  3. Being Patient
  4. Being Tolerant

Over the next four weeks the kids and I will betaking a journey to discover in more depth the meaning and function of each of these.


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