The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Title:  The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Text: Romans 3

Central Idea of the Text: All men have sinned but Christ provided freedom from sins through his death.

Central Idea of the Sermon: We have all sinned but Christ’s sacrifice on the cross gives us freedom sin.

Introduction: Before we get started have a competition. Split the group up into two teams and give each team a puzzle. Have them try 2 solve the puzzle. What they don’t know is that the puzzles are missing one piece. Let them continue to try and solve for a while and then give them the missing piece.


Ask the kids what the meaning of Christmas is.

The meaning of Christmas for us is to celebrate the Birth of Jesus. But we are celebrating more than a birth; we are celebrating because God provided us with something very special.

TS: Before I can tell you what he provided I must first explain to you the problem we  had before he did it.

1. The Problem

Exp: According to scripture we are all by nature sinful creatures. We were born into sin. (Ephesians 2:3)  Scripture says that ALL of us have fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23) and that it is impossible for us to Good (Romans 3:20).

Ill: Have one of the adult volunteers come forward and hand cuff them. (make sure to use trick handcuffs that can easily come off incase of panic)

App: Like our volunteer here we are trapped in sin. It holds us so we can’t escape. We’ll fight and fight and fight but we can’t free ourselves.

TS: So what did God do?

2. God gave Christ as the Key to become free from sin. (Romans 3:24-25)

Exp: We are guilty of sin and we deserved the punishment of our sins. Through Christ we were justified (called not guilty), freed from the bondage of sin, and took away the punishment of sins from us.

Ill: Have another adult leader come up and free the handcuffed volunteer.

App: You guys couldn’t solve the puzzles I gave you with the missing piece I provided. Our volunteer couldn’t get free from his handcuffs without the provision of the key. Jesus Christ is missing piece solving our problem. We can’t get to heaven with our Christ. We can’t be forgiven of our sins with out Jesus Christ.

Conclusion: This is why we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate the day that God sent Jesus Christ to Earth to provide us with freedom from sins so that we can enter into the kingdom of heaven again.


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