Ready to go DEEP

Ladies and Gents! I am excited to announce the launch

of ….

The days of Firm Foundation have passed and God is now moving our kids into a new realm. He is taking them into the Deep things of him.

With this new chapter we are now starting a new curriculum. The curriculum is from Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. With much prayer i believe God has given me some direction for the start of the year. As i look around i see today’s generation’s lack of respect and honor for God.  As a result this disrespect seeps into ever aspect of their lives. No respect for parents, teachers, or themselves. With this in mind the set of curriculum from Church on the Move that i’ve chosen is called Submission and Authority.

Through this curriculum my staff and I aim to teach our children who God is, why He is the ultimate authority in our lives, and how that effects the world around them. Please join us in prayer as we take this journey into the Deep.

Go Deep,

Pastor Dallas


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