Hero of the Month

There are many different gifts in the body of Christ. In numerous places in the Bible the Apostle Paul expresses many of those different gifts. I believe that while it’s true that all are given specific gifts; it is possible to be able to operate in some other gifts at times. For example, someone’s gift may not be to operate in the prophetic often but the Lord may move upon them in times of need that they may operate in that gifting.

One of the gifts that i believe strongly that all Christians should strive to walk in is exhortation, the gift of encouragement. In a world of mass depression what better way to show the light of Christ then to encourage and lift the people up around you. Here at THP we practice this regularly through various outlets. One way is through a program that we call “The Hero of the Month.” We have adopted a near by elementary, Souther Hills Elementary, for the soul purpose of being a light to them.

On monthly basis Pastor Scott and I and a team of people go and surprise an unsuspecting teacher with the title “Hero of the Month.” We’ll show up with git cards to local restaurants and stores and a large “publisher’s clearing house” style check that says “Absolutely Priceless.” This has been a huge success.

In fact. Pastor Scott and I are minutes away from surprise the school’s Principal! This should be fun 🙂


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