Review of Sovereign Grace Ministries’ “To Be Like Jesus”


3 thoughts on “Review of Sovereign Grace Ministries’ “To Be Like Jesus”

  1. Thanks for the review guys! Appreciate the feedback.

    It was actually our plan to start making our kids’ albums less of a “worship” tool and more of a “teaching” tool. We’ve seen a lot of kids copy what their parents do in corporate worship settings (raised hands, dancing, etc.) without really knowing Jesus. We wanted to provide songs that teach kids what the Bible says. Of course, there will be some songs that speak directly to God and communicate our response to him, but for the most part we want kids singing these songs and getting to know God in the process.

    Our next one, Walking with the Wise, is due out mid-June.

    Thanks for all you’re doing to teach the next generation to glory in Jesus Christ.

    • Dear Bob,

      Now that you’ve stated that this album does make a TON more sense.

      I wanted to let you know i completely agree with your statement about kids imitating their parents without now what they are doing or why they do it. I have seen that in different places.

      When i started at the Healing Place i was actually in the unique position where my kids literally knew nothing about worship. (however i want to note i did have a few kids who knew something) So i was able to build from the ground up. What we do is through out the worship set we are teaching our kids about worship. We teach our kids the meaning behind the songs and explain to them why we raise our hands while we worship and why we bow our heads when we pray. It’s been a bit of a road and we aren’t their yet but i can see a marked difference in our kids’ worship in the past year.

      I look forward to seeing your next album and if you don’t mind doing a review of it too.

      Peace and Love,

  2. Thanks, Dallas. Yep, we’re doing something similar in our children’s ministry. The key thing is not assuming that kids know the Lord and just want to sing “I love Jesus” the entire time.

    I’ll make sure Chelsea sends you a copy of our new CD.

    Thanks again for the review.


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