Blessing in Southern Hills

So above you see a pic of the Hero of the Month for May! (fyi… if you click on it you can see a bigger version)

What? What’s a hero of the month? It’s just one part of THP’s ministry to Southern Hills Elementary which is just down the street from us.

Just before school got out last year Pastor Scott went down to the school to talk to the principal about us adopting them. Helping them in anyway we can. Why? Was it so that we could infiltrate the school?

To quote my favorite Apostle, “BY NO MEANS!”

We adopted Southern Hills simply because we wanted to love on them. We adopted Southern Hills simply because as a church we are called to our community.

So Principal Leone was cool with it and we started to do some really cool things.

First thing we did was simply giving birthday cards to all the staff. One small simple gesture. Why that? Because it was the starting point of letting the staff at that school know that there is someone who loves them. There is someone who cares.

Then we started doing something really fun. We started doing what we call HERO OF THE MONTH! We went down to Casaic Printing and had them make a big “publisher’s clearing house” style check that said “Absolutely Priceless” on it.  We talked to the principal and the councilors and on a monthly basis they would report back to us about a teacher or staff member who just went above and beyond that month.

Pastor Scott, a small group of people willing to love on people, and myself would then go up to the school. We’d come in with big smiles and surprise the Hero of the Month! Now while the surprise of being honored is a good thing we also wanted to bless these teachers. So we’d also bring them a couple of gift cards to like a restaurant or a local store. This has been a huge success! We’ve had everything from art teachers to cafeteria workers.

The third thing we did was I decided to go up to the school on Mondays and simply help out. When I approached them about this I assumed that they would just be putting me in the office or something like that. But that was not the case! Because we had spent so much time building a relationship with them they asked me to actually go into classrooms and work with kids one on one.

This has been a challenging and rewarding experience! Challenging because the ones I’m working with are the students that they have the most issues with. In all honesty what I’ve discovered is most of the kids are acting out simply because they want one on one attention. It’s been rewarding because I feel so blessed to be allowed to work with the kids. These kids may never see Jesus any other way than through these times that I spend with them.

The outcome of all these things we’ve been doing?

We have gained ground in that school, we have built relationships with the staff there so that we are in some small way at least an influence. We have made ourselves available to them and they take advantage of that. Several times while either I or Pastor Scott are there we’ve been asked to come in and pray with someone or council someone. We didn’t go into the school looking to do that at first though. We went there simply to love on people anyway possible.


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