We are the weird ones

Welp this past Sunday Morning was our BGMC service so here’s the notes from Dana’s (our bgmc director/my assistant/one of the coolest people ever) sermon.

Title:  we are the weird ones

Text: Psalm 4:27

Central Idea of Text: Psalm 4:27

Central Idea of the Sermon: We are meant to minister to those people around us who just don’t fit in.

Specific Objective: The congregation should learn that people who don’t fit in are important to God.

Introduction: Let’s do a math Problem. 1 +1+1= 3?

1-      Parents’ culture, culture of the place you live, the culture you made to fit in..

Culture- background, traditions, way of life, the things you do.

-most of the people around you do the same things you do

-they are a part of your culture.

-most people around us go to school, go to work, go to church, eat a lot of the same foods, play most of the same games, we learn from each other and we all make up the culture of our area.

-louisiana culture- crawfish, mardi gras, hot,

(how many have a dog, how many have one brother/sister, live in a house, have a backyard, eat cereal) culture of the area.

Well, what if you and your family had to move away to place where everyone was different from you.


Transition Sentence: Just like TCK, we sometimes don’t fit in, but we are still important to God.

  1. God cares about the weird ones

Example: In luke 10:38-42 we see the example of Mary of Bethany and we’re going to follow what we know about her through the bible, today.

-Mary of Bethany knew about Jesus. Knew that he is the Messiah through John the Baptist and she had heard of Jesus’ fame.

every where that Jesus went, a huge crowd of people followed him to see the next miracle or just spend time with the messiah.

he was hugely famous and coming over to mary and martha’s house for dinner. Because Jesus was coming, huge crowds of people were coming, too. Martha cooking cleaning. So busy. Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet.

Mary really understood what David was Talking about in Psalm 4:27, When he said, “One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever to gaze upon the beauty of God and meditate in His temple.”

-Mary knew that Jesus was the Messiah and she wanted to hear his words and soak up everything she could from Him. She traded all the recognition and satisfaction she could have gotten to spend time with Jesus and get to know Him.

– Martha finally got fed up with doing all the work and said “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to get up and help me.” Martha was doing a lot of good things for Jesus and the other people, and she was frustrated or upset that Mary wasn’t helping at all, so she told Jesus about it.

– Jesus said, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good part, which will not be taken from her.

– the biggest goal, priority or most important thing in Mary’s life was Jesus.

– the bad thing about Martha wasn’t that she was doing bad things, but just that all the good things kept her from the doing the most important thing, which is spending time with Jesus.

Illustration: Third Culture kids are like Mary because they are very different from everyone else. They are the weird ones. Third Culture Kids give up being normal, so that people in other countries will know about Jesus. Its hard for the parents of Third Culture Kids to focus on the most important thing, when their kids are having trouble fitting in. Math Problem.

Application: As Christians, our main concern, our biggest goal is just to know Jesus! He’s the most important part of who we are and sometimes, like third culture kids and Mary, our love for Jesus can make us the weird one. Third culture kids have to learn to fit in in a new way every day because their parents culture is different from the one they live in. Mary was different because she was more concerned about focusing on Jesus than doing work. God loves the weird ones and he shows it to us when Jesus says, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good part, which will not be taken from her.” The way that we love Jesus should change us from who we used to be. It should change the way we think and act, so that we don’t do things for Jesus like come to church or read our bible because we have to do it to get to heaven. We do all those things because we love to spend time with Jesus and get to know Him like Mary.

“One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever to gaze upon the beauty of God and meditate in His temple.”

TS: Our deep love for Jesus should help us understand how God loves the weird ones and the way that

  1. We should care about the weird ones

Exp: In John 11:32, we find Mary of Bethany again and a terrible thing has happened to her family. Her brother Lazarus has died and the whole town is in mourning. They are all crying because they loved the man who died.

When Martha tells Mary that Jesus is coming, Mary jumps up and goes to find Jesus.

When she finds him she falls down at his feet and told him that if he had just been here, her brother would not have died. She was so sad, but she still believed that Jesus could have saved her brother from death.

Mary believes that Jesus could have helped and when Jesus sees how much Mary and the other Jews are hurt by Lazarus’ death, Jesus is very upset. The bible says his heart was troubled, he had a sinking feeling, and he asked, “Where did you lay him?”

Then He wept. He cried real tears, moaning and crying, and wailing. Jesus cried out loud with tears and snot and real hurt. Has your heart ever hurt so much that you can feel it hurting when you cry?

Ill: when these third culture kids don’t fit in, it hurts. They cry real tears and feel very sad, but God can give them joy or pleasure, happiness, and a smile again. Third culture kids know what it feels like to be the weird one for the sake of Jesus and they need our prayers and support so that they can get to know Jesus for themselves. Jesus can take all of that sadness away.

App: Jesus really cares about the weird ones, enough to cry and moan and weep when he sees that they are sad. Because we love Jesus so much, we should care about the weird ones. The weird ones are important to God because they are His children just like us.

TS: The weird ones are a part of our family and sometimes our love for Jesus will make us the weird ones.

  1. We are the weird ones.

Exp: Mark 14 A little later in Mary of Bethany’s life, as she lived with her sister, she did something that made her the weird one to everyone around except for Jesus. She was living with her older sister, Martha and her parents gave her a really good gift. They gave her a beautiful flask or bottle of special perfume. The perfume was so special that it cost over one year’s salary to buy. $45,000 In order to buy this oil, you would have to work for eight hours straight for 365 days.

Very expensive

One day Jesus came again to Mary and Martha’s house after the Pharisees threatened to kill him and right before Jesus goes to sell him out.

Jesus was sitting around with the disciples, Martha was serving, the leaders of the church were sitting at the table, people who wrote the bible and Jesus trusted to share the gospel with the world. REALLY IMPORTANT MEN.

suddenly Mary comes into the door holding the most expensive thing she owns and probably will ever own. Something that her parents gave to her, very expensive and very special. …? Bottle of Perfume. And breaks it. She breaks it open and pours it on Jesus.

Jesus gets covered with this oily sticky perfume and its dripping all over him and the smell is filling the house. The whole house smells overwhelmingly nice. Beautiful.

the people around the table start to criticize Mary and tell her she wasted the oil. They could sell it and give the money to the poor, right? What would have been better?

but Jesus said, this thing has touched my heart.

Ill: third culture kids move around a lot and they have to give up a lot of friendship. They have to start a new life every time they move away. Its hard to make friends and start a new life all the time. They have to give up everything so that their parents can tell people about Jesus. To the new people they look like the weird ones.

App: People at Mary’s table thought that she was the weird one, but she touched Jesus’ heart. Third culture kids look like the weird ones when they move to a new town, but Jesus still cares about them. We, as the family of God are the weird ones, but we are still important to God.

Conclusion: God really loves us, even though we are the weird ones. When we show God how much we love him, he hears us. Our love means something to God, no matter how weird we look when  we show it to him.

CRUSH- one look/glance makes your heart flutter.

God has a crush on you. He loves you, no matter how weird you are and we are meant to love the weird ones, too.

Ravished- ruined for anyone else. No one is cute anymore, no one is good enough anymore. Just you.

God wants just you. He loves you.


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