Rubik’s Cubes, The Cross, and Answers.

Welp it’s middle of the night and I can’t sleep. Probably has something to do with the random 3 hour nap I took when I got home today. So I’m lying in bed thinking to myself, “hmm what should I do?” That’s when it hit me! I should totally update this blog and let you the wonderful readers know what we talked about Sunday morning!

For those of you who want a little more outline-ish feel I’ll put titles 🙂

The Challenge

I started off challenging 3 of the kids to solve these bad boys. That’s right folks Rubik’s Cubes! The wonderful, mind blazing, headache causing 3D puzzle that hit the scene in 1974 as Magic Cube and then re-packaged in 1980 at the now well known name Rubik’s Cube!

I told the kids they could not take it apart or take the stickers apart. I also gave them 5 minutes. 🙂 They went to work doing their very best to solve their puzzle. We had other kids cheering them on while one of my assistants (Adrian, aka one of the best guitar players EVER) gave commentary of the event! Then at the 3 minute mark I walk up with my own Rubik’s Cube! This thing is old! It was my grandfather’s Rubik’s cube and I’m overtly confident it’s probably one of the original ones.

The race was one! We were all spinning and twisting and twirling the cubes attempting to solve it. By the end of the 5 minutes sadly none of them were able to do it. Some of them had a pretty decent start and looked like they were on their way to getting it… others… not so much. We all clapped and congratulated them for their efforts.

Now some of you are wondering, “Dallas, did you solve the Rubik’s Cube?” The correct answer would be… yes. Yes I did. A friend of mine back in high school taught me. Now some of you may be thinking that wasn’t right. Thinking that it might have lowered the kids self-esteem because I was able to do it and they weren’t. Look I know my kids they were ok promise. Plus I needed to make sure they knew it could be done. The entire lesson was pretty much riding on this example haha.

The Intro

So after I sat them down I began to talk to them about the puzzle. It’s kind of hard. Some folks look at it and just give up. They say that there is no possible way of fixing it. Some people try to figure out a way of cheating the system by pulling it apart or taking stickers off. Thing about stickers is if you take them off they never really go on right again.

I then told the kids a few of the little tricks that I have in my head to help me to remember how to fix the Rubik’s Cube. Rude Bevis Runs Fast. Fake Bone Funny Bone Fake Bone FiFi. Now to everyone else what I just said was foolishness. However, it is the answer. No matter how you look at it IS the answer. Always has been the answer, and always will be the answer.

The Lesson

I then told the kids that there is a big puzzle in everyone’s life. It is a puzzle that has baffled and confused people since time began! How do you get to heaven? People have tried all kinds of ways but the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. However, when you tell someone that Jesus gave up his divinity, became flesh, lived and walked among us knowing that people, even 2000 years later, were going to hate and curse his name, and died on a cross to save us, simply because he loved us. It’s foolishness.

However, it’s ok. Scripture tells us in 1 Corinthians 1:18 that the message of the cross is foolishness to man. Yet it’s still the truth. It’s still the answer to the biggest puzzle of them all. The only way for you and I to get to heaven is through believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he died on the cross for our sins then rose up 3 days later, confessing him as Lord, and then following what He commands.

I explained to the kids that it’s hard for people in the world to believe this because they are use to people not caring for each other. If someone wrongs you then forget about them! That’s the world teaches. But God teaches us that He loves us and cares about us so much that even though we have done things that go against his Law, even though we may have said bad things about him, and even though from time to time we may make a mistake that we know God doesn’t like; he still loves us.

That’s the reason why people can’t understand the answer to the puzzle even when you tell them it. Yet even though they don’t understand it, it’s still the answer. No matter how you try to twist it the answer is still Jesus and it’s because he Loves us.


After this I had Adrian sing “My Savior My God” by Aaron Shust. While he played softly I did an alter call for kids who have never asked Jesus to save them and for those who were Christians yet they weren’t living for him like they knew they should.

That’s pretty much it. I was going to go into the whole post modern discussion in this blog but I’ve decided….mmm na not today haha.

Remember that what our Kids do tomorrow is dependant on what YOU do today.

Love you all!


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