Something to Marvel

Check these out

This first one was given to me by my friend Caitlin Sattler.  She’s pretty much awesome. But she gave this to me because she knows i love marvel comics and because she’s my friend.

This one on the right was given to me by one of my students, Lizy. She’s a pretty awesome kid too! She found this at some random comic shop up north. Needless to say i feel loved 🙂

lol no showing off these cool posters and talking about how much i feel loved is not the point of this post. This was just a clever way to talk about Marvel comics. Not because i’m a geek but because i have a point to make 🙂

Check out that last one. It says 70 years. wow. 70 years and idk how many characters and character changes.  Over the last several years Marvel comics has become part of our culture and society.  Why?

Because they were able to create a legacy. They created timeless stories that were passed from one generation to the next.   People have taken these stories and they become part of their lives.

Stories about fictional people with real struggles. Struggles that relate to everyone in some fashion. As a result these fans willingly share their passion for these comics. Telling friends, family, and people they don’t even know.

Now stop for a moment and think about this. what would happen if we had the same passion to tell other people about something actually life changing? An intense passion to tell people about how God came to earth in the form of a man and died on the cross just so that you, me, and everyone else can have a relationship with the Father.

Now that’s really something to Marvel.


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