Backpacks for Southern Hills Elementary

Dear THP Family,

As you know we’ve been had the wonderful opportunity to serve Southern Hills Elementary.  Last year you blessed several children with backpacks and school supplies who otherwise would have gone without. I was planning on waiting to announce this on Sunday morning, however, because it is tax free weekend I figure some of you would like to get a head start.

With that being the case I am posting up the supply lists below. click on which group you’d like to prepare a backpack for and the link will take you to the supply list.

Then contact me either via email [ ] or call me at the office 318-688-3940, and let  me know which grade you’ve chosen.  Sunday Morning I’ll need you to pick up a tag from me that you will need to put on the backpack you put together.

As I get confirmation to which grades and genders are being picked I will be updating this page.

We want all backpacks to be brought during our block party on August 27th! If you are unable to make it to the Block Party, then please try to bring it Sunday morning the 28th.

Go Deep,

Dallas Mora
Children’s Pastor

2 back packs for Pre-K Boys

2 backpacks for Pre-K Girls

4 Backpacks for Kindergarten

4 Backpacks for First Grade

2 Backpacks for 2nd Grade boys

2 Backpacks for 2nd grade girls

4 Backpacks for 3rd grade

2 Backpacks for 4th grade boys

2 Backpacks for 4th grade Girls

2 Backpacks for 5th Grade Boys

2 Backpacks for 5th grade Girls




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