New School Year Message 2011

Ah it’s a new school year; new teachers, new classes, new people. It’s a fun, exciting,  and scary thing for kids… and yes one many do not want to go through at all. As I reflected on this I asked myself, “what do the kids of TheDeep need to have in their mind before they go out after a summer full of spiritually challenging life lessons?”

So I thought about what Jesus said before he sent out His disciples.  These word became the charge for the kids of TheDeep for this new school year.

And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases
~ Luke 9:1

The first thing I pointed out to the kids was that Jesus gave His disciples 2 things; power and authority. Two separate things over two separate issues.

I explained to the kids first off that having the power means you have the ability to something. I then explained that authority meant you have the right to do something. To illustrate this picked up a paper fan one of the kids had. I explained that I had the power to rip up the fan. I was more than strong enough to do it, I had the ability. However, the person who owned the fan had NOT given me permission to rip up the fan so I did not have the authority or the right to do so.

After explaining this I took the kids back to the text and helped them to realize that the disciples had power and authority over demonic forces; and power and authority over sickness.  I explained that God had given them this same power and authority. I then explained ot them that they had the same power and authority!

After explaining that to them I showed them how Jesus didn’t just give them the power and authority, He also gave them direction how to use that power and authority.  To explain this I took them to Matthew 10:7-8.

And proclaim as you go, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay.

I broke this passage down this way

  1. Jesus told his disciples to tell them about the Kingdom of Heaven
    1. In turn Jesus would want our kids to tell the children at their schools about His love. Tell them how without Christ in their lives they will be eternally separated from the God who loves them so much.
  2. Jesus tells them to Heal the sick
    1. I explained to the kids that they have the ability to walk up to friend at school who are sick and pray over them and to EXPECT healing.
  3. Jesus tells them to cleans the lepers
    1. I explained to the kids that leprosy is a disease that causes major physical deformities. I explained to them that with the power of God they can lay hands on people who may be missing body parts (i.e. hands, fingers, etc.) and pray for them and have those parts restored.
  4. Jesus tells His disciples to raise the dead.
    1. Not sure how to expound on this. It was funny watching the kids react to this and had to explain to them that if grandpa has been dead for a while might be best to leave him be haha.
  5. Jesus told his disciples to cast out demons
    1. Fact of the matter is that demons are real and active in our world. Doesn’t mean we need to be scared that there is a demon hiding under ever bush but they are real. I explained to the kids first off that if you are a Christian then there is absolutely no way you can be possessed by a demon.  However, if you come across a demonic atmosphere or a person who is possessed, they have the ability to take authority of the demoniac and tell it to beat it!

I explained to the kids that in reality all of these things are not hard. It’s not hard to pray, it’s not hard to talk to people. I explained to them that their challenge for this year is to do what God has called them to be. Be ministers of the Gospel everywhere they go.


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