Am i doing this right?

So I’ve heard it asked by others and even from my own lips. “How do you know if your sermon is actually impacting?”  This is something many ministers wonder about at different times during their ministry.

The first thing you should ask is, “Does this sermon impact you in some way?” If there’s no connection to your spirit then it probably isn’t.  I know there are many people out there who use pre-written curriculum and even downloaded sermons. But even if you are using someone else’s material; you should have studied and meditated the passages and the concept to the point that it becomes part of you. That the Holy Spirit moves you through it.

For example; many years ago I was asked to teach at a Youth encounter. I my youth pastor asked me to teach on forgiveness and gave me all the materials I would need. In the midst of preparing for that teaching time the Lord began to speak to me about my own forgiveness.  I knew that if I did not handle that before I left for the encounter, I would not be able to properly deliver this message. So I did! I called up the person I had issues with and forgave them.

How can you honestly ask your congregation to be moved if you were not first moved by it? Even this past week I had to deal with something I was teaching.  Over the last couple of weeks, in TheDeep, we’ve been discussing Agape/ Love. This past Sunday we discussed how true agape love is not quick to anger.

Sure enough this week I was tempted to be more aggravated and act out and speak out then I have been I months! But I had to remember that agape isn’t just an expression of love to other people, but it’s also an expression of God’s love to people THROUGH us. If I act out I’m not just showing folks I’m a jerk but I’m telling people that Christ is too.  Because the message moved me I was able to communicate that to the kids of TheDeep.

So, to my fellow ministers, brethren, and sisters in the faith. Don’t fret. If the message has impacted you then have faith that the Holy Spirit will use it to impact those around you too.

Now of course there’s also the benefit of getting little facebook/google+/Twitter messages  like the below

~~~Warning the following are a couple of notes I’ve gotten from parents of actual kids from TheDeep. The purpose of showing the below is to help encourage you fellow minister to keep doing your best and to encourage any random blogger to email your pastor/youth pastor/kids pastor/ nursery pastor/HelpSomethingIsBroken pastor and testify about the work God is doing in your life …. Oh and all names have changed ~~~~~~~

Facebook  Parent:

Thought you’d like to know that when [Adolescent Female Child] came home today the first thing she wanted to do is to walk out what she learned in CC. She and a friend had had a little squabble (over text messaging of all things) and so [Adolescent Female Child] wanted to text her back today and apologize for her part in it and to extend forgiveness to the other little girl for what she had said. Good stuff.

@TwitterParent @sirxroam who knew buying my daughter her first bible would prompt her to beg to learn reading!


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