So got a few emails from some parent’s whom children have lost this week’s take home sheet on 13 Letters. So below is the sheet i sent home plus some info to help better explain the concept of Justification to your children.

Read Romans 5

Justification is a legal act. It is a term used in courtrooms that means to be declared righteous by God because of what Christ has done.  It does not mean that we are righteous or perfect, (though we can be), rather we are declared righteous.  Being declared righteous does not mean that the sinful thoughts and habits are magically gone from us. Being declared righteous means that IN THE EYES OF GOD we are seen as perfect, because of Christ’s perfect life given to us.  Now that we are justified before God, we can have a relationship with Him once again.  There is no more separation between us and God. At first we were his enemies, and now that we are justified we have peace with Him.

It’s kind of like in basketball. If you and I are on different teams we are wearing different color jerseys.  Yours is white and mine is black. On the court we are enemies. I can’t just come over to your side of the court while things are going on.  The coach will tell me to leave. However, if I get traded over to your side, my jersey is now white like yours. I’m not part of your team. So there’s not animosity between us. We are at peace.

It’s the same way with God. We can’t hang out with Him because we have sin in our lives. We are in complete animosity with God(james 4:4).  But when we get saved Christ gives us a new jersey (His righteousness), thus justifying us in the eyes of the coach (God).  There is finally peace with him.


Questions to think about

What does the term “justification” mean?

What is the difference between being “declared” righteous and being “made” righteous?

How can God justify us if we are still sinners?

Why do we need to be justified before God?


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