Nothing Can Separate Us

Read Romans 8

One of the greatest battles for many Christians, new to the faith and old, is the question, “ does God love me?” The thing about sanctification (discussed last week here [check out here  and also here ] is that it’s a process. Sometimes we mess up and since we God is also our Heavenly Father (Romans 816-17) He must; as any true father must, discipline us. Many will mistake God’s reprimand as His removing His love and grace from us. Romans 8, fortunately, speaks to the depth of God’s love.

Romans 8 contains many promises from God for the believer. The Christian life is never promised to be an easy one. However the bible gives us many promises to keep us assured that God is for us in our lives. No matter what situations or circumstances we may face in our lives, God promises that nothing will separate us from His love .(Romans 8:38-39) This provides a comfort for the believer to persevere in the faith, even at times when it seems like it is too difficult to continue on.

Discussion Questions

What are some of the promises o f God you find as you read Romans 8?

Which ones are specifically comforting to you based on your current circumstances?

Why can we have full confidence in God’s promises?


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