Simple Prayers

I had heard this story and wanted to share it with you all.

“There is the story of the uneducated Jewish boy who wanted to pray but did not understand any Hebrew, [apparently traditional Judaism has always stressed the importance of praying Hebrew although it is perfectly ok to pray in any language that you can understand] so he began reciting the only Hebrew he knew: the Aleph-Bet. [Hebrew alphabet] One day, as he was davening [praying] the letters, a rabbi came to him and asked him why he prayed in this manner. The little boy replied, ‘The Holy One, blessed be He, knows my heart. I give Him all the letters, and He puts the words together!’”

How amazing is it that such a child could grab hold of an amazing eternal truth.  The Lord knows our hearts. He knows what we think and how we feel. Yet how often have we been challenged to pray, both in private and publically, but found ourselves unable to do it out of fear of not being able to speak eloquently? The Lord does not care what you say, if all you can muster up is a simple “thank you Lord” and then you sit in silence to hear from Him, then all praise to the Lord. He simply seeks communication with His children, not a 3 point sermon or a theological break down of your problems and cares.

Parents, women of God, & men of God; the children watch you. Like you they fear saying something wrong when it comes time to speak to the Lord. But if you humble yourself and earnestly seek His face in prayer in front of your children I promise you this, your children will learn to pray too. It may simply be a, b, and c; but, “The Holy One, blessed be He, knows my heart.”


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