Read II Thessalonians 3 by November 9th

It’s an exciting moment when we first become Christians. For the first time in our lives, we see God and life in new eyes. But after a little while, that excitement seems to wear off. This can produce idleness and laziness in our lives. We can forget about our responsibilities and just do the bare minimum in the Christian life. When we do this, we don’t grow. As Christians, we are not only saved from our sins, but are also called for good works in this life. We must remember to continue in these good works and fight against laziness and idleness in our lives.


1. What causes us to be lazy and idle in the Christian life? H ow does this affect our growth?
2. What should be our reaction to those moments when we find ourselves getting lazy?
3. What are some of the good works we are called to as Christians?

Parents just a heads up that this is the last lesson for II Thessalonians. So your children will not be bringing home any papers next week. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through Thessalonians and I look forward to hearing what God does in the lives of the kids and also in your lives as we continue through 13 Letters.
Go Deep,


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