Pouring out the Perfume

There are so many people in the church who are talented and have been blessed with so many things.  Some are wealthy with finances, some are wealthy with knowledge. Whatever it is they have one thing is sure, it is God’s blessing in their life. So what happens when we use those blessings?

In the twelfth chapter of John we find the story of Mary coming and anointing the feet of Christ. The text reveals to us that what she used to anoint Him was a very expensive pint of perfume, about years’ worth of wages. (vs .3,5) The fragrance of the perfume filled the air. I’m sure that all who had not originally seen her walking in and cracking open the bottle soon turned their heads as they could smell the wonderful fragrance throughout the entirety of the home.

Sadly this moment of humbling worship was interrupted by the Judas who reprimanded the woman for wasting it. He claimed it could had been sold and the money given to the poor! (vs. 4,5) While this true we find in the following verse that his true motives were not so noble, rather he knew if it were sold he’d have control over it and its use.

What can we draw from this?

For starters let’s point out the fact that the scent of the perfume filled the air. When we humble ourselves in worship it leaves a lasting impression. When even though the meeting went south the men left the room with some of that scent on their clothing and they would continue to remember how someone was able to humble themselves and bless the Lord.

Whether it’s through your giving of finances to this project or another, your ability to lead others in worship, your ability to teach the word of God to young child or adult, your ability to simply pray and serve, it will ALWAYS leave a lasting impression. It will impact someone somehow and they will be drawn back to the truth that someone was so willing to humble themselves to bless the Lord, and in turn will be inspired to do the same.

Next, we can take away the fact that when someone is willing to truly humble themselves someone is bound to get offended. “Why are they doing that? That money could be used for better purposes! Their skills could be used in other ways then something as trivial as this. Their time could be better spent in other places!” Are these things true? In a way, however, when we take time to truly honor and bless  the Father in heaven then time and energy is never wasted because He honors those whom faithfully serve and bless Him.

Now I’m not saying you need to go out and give all your money to some charity, I’m not saying you need to go out and do something that puts your family in terrible debt or pain.  What I’m saying is you should not be afraid to bless Him. After all who  is more worthy of praise and blessings? NONE! In his new album “The Attributes of God,” lyrical theologian Shai Linne has a chorus line that simply says “Not to us, not to us! BUT TO GOD BE THE GLORY!” This simple proclamation sums up the reasoning for us to bless and extol Him.

I encourage you dear brothers and sisters of the faith, bless our Lord in whatever fashion you can. If it be through monetary giving, through teaching a Christian Education Class, joining a prayer group, serving in THP Kidz (Nursery Ministry), The Deep (Kids Ministry), or OPEN (Youth Ministry), or whatever it is that the Lord has placed on your heart then do it! Do it gladly.

Go Deep.


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