This weeks’ Reading Challenge

(1/4/12 – 1/11/12)
2 Timothy 1:1-15



Everyone wants to leave his or her mark on the earth. We want to be significant, and to have our name go down in history. Be the one that people read about in the book at school or talked about on special TV shows, have movies made about them. By doing this, we limit our whole sense of value based on whether or not we are known on earth.

When we live for the Lord, we are more concerned with His name being known rather than ours. Paul wants us to be more interested in leaving behind an eternal legacy rather than a temporary one. We do this by sharing our faith with others and helping to lead them to the one true God. Only when we make God’s name known on the earth will we be able to leave a legacy that ill have an eternal significance.

Discussion Questions

Why do we all desire to leave a legacy behind in our lives?
What is the difference between a temporary legacy and an eternal one?
How does living for the Lord, help us to leave an eternal legacy behind?


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