Father & Son

This weeks’ Reading Challenge
(1/11/12 – 1/18/12)
2 Timothy 2:2

Although Timothy was not Paul’s biological son, he was his spiritual son. Many of us may not have grown up with our father. We may not have had anyone in our lives that showed us how to live and deal with life. Because of that, many of us looked to media, the streets, and the culture for this guidance. Whatever they said was important; we bought into their views. Once we become Christians, we are adopted into a new family, one that provides us with the guidance that we need and never have received from our physical family.

Discussion Questions

What role does a spiritual father play in the life of a believer?

How is it different from a physical father?

How have you replaced the role of a father in your life?

What were the results?

How has being adopted into God’s family guided you in life?

In what ways?


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