Be a Soldier

This weeks’ Reading Challenge
(1/25/12 – 2/1/12)
2 Timothy 2:3-4

Paul tells Timothy to operate like a soldier. Just like a soldier must have equipment and protection in order to survive battle, we must do the same in the Christian life. Just like a soldier is prepared for war, we must be prepared for all of the challenges that this life will bring to us. For the Christian, some of his equipment is the scriptures, prayer, and community. By continuing to have these things in our daily lives, we will better prepared for the things that life will try to challenge us with.

 Discussion Questions

 How is the Christian life like a soldier in a war? What are some examples?

What does the Christian need to equip and surround themselves with? Why? .

What happens when we do not equip ourselves for the Christian life? What are some examples?


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