Preach The Word

This weeks’ Reading Challenge
(2/1/12 – 2/8/12)
2 Timothy 4


Paul tells Timothy to preach the word both in season and out of season. This means that we should always be preaching the gospel, regardless of whether it is popular to or not to do so. There is going to be times when we don’t see any fruit from our labor in doing the Lord’s work. At times it might seem silly or embarrassing to preach His Word.  Paul encourages us that even in those moments, we have to keep doing the work of God. God will bring about His purpose. Our job is to remain faithful to Him by continuing to tell others the good news of Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions

What are some examples of when it is not a popular time to preach to others? What are we to do in those moments?

What should we do in the moments we feel discourage with the lack of fruit in our work?

How does preaching the word to others help us to leave behind an eternal legacy?


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