Church Leaders

Ladies and Gent’s here is this week’s lesson that we will be discussing tonight in TheDeep! lil fyi while this lesson is all about church leaders, one of our philosophy is that everyone who’s a Christian is mean to be a leader in someway. So when we teach this we aren’t telling our kids that this is a standard only for the elders and workers of the church but for them too.

This weeks’ Reading Challenge
(2-15-12 through 2-22-12)
Titus 1


In the letter that Paul writes to Titus, he gives him instructions on how to set up the church. One of the first things Titus must do is to appoint elders. Paul gives him the   quali­fications and characteristics that he should be looking for in these men. When we look at these characteristics, we see that many of them are contrary to what we see esteemed in the culture. Where the culture esteems men who are arrogant, violent, and greedy for gain, elders are to be the exact opposite. These characteristics should be the goal of all Chris­tian men, as they will one day be the older men in the church that will have to teach these characteristics to the younger men as well.

Discussion Questions

What are some of the characteristics that Paul gives Titus for men to be elders?

How are they different from the culture?

What characteristics do you think are most important? Why?


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