Older Women

This weeks’ Reading Challenge
(2-22-12 through 2-29-12)
Titus 2


As Paul talks about the characteristics of older women in the church, again, we see that they are contrary to the culture. Titus 2 gives a list of qualities women should aspire to. It also states that older women in the church are to teach these qualities to the younger ones. There are things that men cannot teach other women how to do. Older women have the wisdom in life that are invaluable for younger women. Where most of the culture promotes independence and freedom from older influences, the bible shows how these influences are essential in the Christian life.

I should also point out that many times in Titus, Paul tells people to stay way from drunkenness. It is believed that this was a serious issue in the church at that time. What this translates to is that the family life was more than likely in shambles. So where the passage discusses a woman’s role remember it’s not Paul trying to say a woman’s sole role in life is to be home bound; but rather after looking at the things he says about men and women it is more him urging the family as a whole to restore what true family is.

Discussion Questions

What are some of the things that only women can teach younger women?

As you look at Titus 2, which qualities are contrary to our culture?

Which qualities are most important? Why?


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