Submission to Authroity

Now this lesson is going to be very unpopular with some folks. Especially with today’s political atmosphere but i can assure you that this is completely biblical.

This weeks’ Reading Challenge

(2-29-12 through 3-7-12)
Titus 3


Paul tells Titus to remind the church to be submissive to authority. Many today have no concern for authority. Whether it is parents, teachers, the president, or even law enforcement, our culture wants to do what it wants to do. The Bible says that God Himself has placed these authori­ties over us. Even the ones you don’t agree with or dislike.

Therefore we are to obey these authorities for the Lord’s sake. God has placed these individuals in roles of authority as His agents, and we must trust them, even at times when we may not agree. Christians are to be obedient to authority, and by doing so, we bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions

Who are the most common authority figures in your own life? What roles do they play?

Is it ever okay not to obey authority? Under which circumstances?

Who are the most disrespected authority figures in our culture? Why is that?

What should we do when we disagree with authority? How does that bring glory to God?


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