God Forgives

This weeks’ Reading Challenge

(3-14-12 through 3-21-12)
Philemon 1:4-7


In our culture today, forgiveness is not seen as an admirable attribute. It’s often looked upon as a weakness that is to be avoided. Many times, we are more concerned with proving a point, rather than restoring a broken relationship. We rather hold on to our anger instead of displaying forgiveness to those that have done us wrong. It’s hard for us to forgive because we are sinners by nature. As human beings we are selfish, and in order to forgive, we must put self aside for the sake of the others.

As we look in the book of Philemon, we see the story of how one has the ability to forgive, because of the fact that God has forgiven us. Until we have experienced forgiveness through Jesus Christ, it is difficult to understand what true forgiveness is. Philemon is a great picture of how God’s forgiveness towards us, allows us the ability to forgive others. Without seeing our need for forgiveness before God, and how we have been forgiven, we will find it hard to forgive others for the wrong they have done to us.

Discussion Questions

Why is it so difficult to forgive others?

What is the true reason why we don’t want to forgive? Why is that?

How does the fact that we have been forgiven by God, help us to forgive others?


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