This weeks’ Reading Challenge

(3-28-12 through 4-4-12)
Philemon 1:17-20


Many of us have been hurt by people we love.  They could be our parents, siblings, or even close friends. This often causes us to remain bitter and resentful towards them. Usually, they are the hardest to forgive, because of how much we love them. However, the gospel provides us with the power to forgive the hardest of people, especially those we love. When we look at the cross of Christ, and we see how our sin placed Christ there, we will see ourselves no bet­ter than those that have hurt us. By understanding how much we have been forgiven, we will be able to share that same forgiveness with others, even those that have hurt us most.

Discussion Questions


How does the gospel give us the power to forgive?

Why are some people harder to forgive than others?

Who are some people that you have continued to hold bitterness and a grudge against? How can you go about restoring that relationship?


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