Note to Parents & Reactions to Christ

Dear Parents,
As you may know, we are in the process of making our own THP Wednesday Night Curriculum. While we work on it we will be doing a study on the book of John. The information I will be sending home with the children comes from a blog called Eternal Disciples.

Eternal Disciples is a blog started by Brandon McAnelly and I, some time ago. It started off as a way to help him to gather his thoughts and communicate what he has learned from the scriptures. You can view this blog by going to You are also invited to make comments on it.

Each week I will select one of the commentaries off the site and reformat it for a take home study guide. This will be a great tool and resource for you and your child’s personal study time. I would like to encourage you to take time out of each week to sit down with your child to read through the chapter and then go over the home study guide.

Be Blessed during this great journey through the book of John!


This weeks’ Reading Challenge

(5/9/12 – 5/16/12)
John 1


Everyone has a reaction to Christ. Some positive, some negative. John chapter 1 shows a variety of responses to the new that Jesus is the Christ. The first two men immediately followed after hearing that Jesus was the promised messiah. In Andrew, the news of the Messiah instantly birthed a spirit of evangelism in him. Some like, like Nathan, are skeptical at first and must have a firsthand experience with the Lord to believe.

Notice it was nothing that John or Phillip did that made their friends/disciples saved. It was simply testifying and pointing people towards the Christ. Too often we as Christians carry such a heavy burden about the salvation of those around us. Yes we should be mission oriented and share our faith every chance we get. Yes we should be concerned about our friends and family. But remember this; it’s NOT your job to get people saved. It’s the work of the Holy Ghost that saves men. Your only job is to share the truth.

Discussion Questions

What was your first reaction to the gospel?
Why do you think some people have a hard time believing in Jesus?
How would you tell people about Jesus?


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