Deadline for Mixtape coming up!

Attention Christian Rock bands, Techno Artist, Hip Hop Artist, Folk bands, Jazz Bands, Reggae Bands, and whatever other styles that is out there! How would you like to have free exposer, win $100, and help raise money for a kids’ camp called Hero Academy!?

Hero Academy is a kids’ camp in Shreveport, LA aimed to reach local kids with the love and power of Jesus Christ! What’s one thing every kids’ camp needs? Music! We are looking for original up beat fun, exciting, and biblically sound music to play during Hero Academy. We will be selling a CD of all the tracks submitted to us. The CD will have information all the bands who submit music with links to websites, twitters, and facebooks!

The band that submits the song that’s voted number 1 on our Hero Academy Website will get $100! As an added bonus if the band is located in the Shreveport/Bossier City area we will make a free music video for you!

If you are interested contact me at and I will email you back ASAP! Deadline for all songs is June 14th 2012!


One thought on “Deadline for Mixtape coming up!

  1. I really have a tendency to go along with all the things that was
    posted in “Deadline for Mixtape coming up! | Adventures in Children’s Ministries”. Thanks for pretty much all the actual info.Thanks a lot-Dedra

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