Hero Academy

What is Hero Academy?

It is a 3 day kid’s camp for kids that were in grades kindergarten through 5th grade this past school year (Approx. Ages 6-12).  We will be communicating the message of what it means to be a Hero of Faith. We will be focusing on characteristic such as serving in all situations and doing everything with humility. We will also focus on the spiritual attributes of a true hero, such as passionately pursuing God.  The camp is a ministry sponsored by The Deep at The Healing Place at Glad Tidings in Shreveport, LA which will help kids grow in the Lord.

What to Expect?

The camp runs from 8am – 8:30pm each day with games and activities planned throughout the day.  Parents are expected to drop off their children, however, parents that choose to stay will need to consult the Camp Pastor.  Lunch and dinner will be provided along with snacks and refreshments.  Breakfast is not provided by the camp.  Parents should provide breakfast for their children before they arrive.  If it is necessary for a child to eat at an odd time due to medical reasons, a parent or guardian will need to speak with the Camp Pastor.  Each student will be a part of a team with other kids and will participate in teams and individual challenges to gain points.  Led by teens from OPEN Youth Ministries wholove God and love kids, the teams will compete against one another to become the camp heroes. The kids will be taking two off campus trips during the camp.  These trips and transportation for the trips are included in the cost of the camp.  We will end each day with a Hero Service starting at 7pm.  These services are open to all parents and guardians.  We encourage all parents and family members to attend our special Closing Rally and Hero Service which will be held Wednesday night starting at 7pm.

We charge $35 per camper. This cost is kept as low as possible so that we can bless as many as possible.  We run all of this on a very small budget and have depended on the kindness of local individuals and businesses, who have a vision for our children, for their investment. All investments are be used to provide scholarships, meals and supplies for each child. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere which fosters hope and creativity for each child to reach their full potential. This year we will increase the number of children attending and will scholarship some students who
cannot afford to attend.

This year?

In every camp we focus on the spiritual attributes of a true hero, such as passionately pursuing God, taking pride in what you do while also remaining humble, and caring for those around you. The camp is a ministry sponsored by The Deep Children’s Ministry and also OPEN Youth Ministries.

Each year the camp takes on a new theme. In the past we did a space theme which focused on the fact that every one is given big dreams and that they have the ability to reach those dreams. Last year took on an international theme where we discussed how to reach out to all kinds of people around the world.

What makes this camp different from others is that it is almost completely staffed by the youth of OPEN Youth Ministries. The youth are the “camp counselors,” team captains, and games coordinators. At the end of last year’s camp I noticed that many of the kids considered these youth leaders to be heroes. They looked up to the youth as models of something they too could become one day.

As I prepared for this year’s camp I thought about how we all have heroes in our lives who have inspired us to become who we are today. Throughout time someone has always inspired someone to greatness. With this in mind I have themed this year’s camp “Heroes in Time.” The camp will take a look at the great heroes of faith in the past and present. The final day of the camp will emphasize the fact that these kids are the heroes of tomorrow who will one day inspire many more to greatness.

Please join us in praying for this camp. For more information about the camp or how you can help support the camp financially feel free to email me at dallas@thpshreveport.com . For information about myself or THP Shreveport please click the links to the right.