How a Youth guy became a Kids Guy

Dear Parents of TheDeep & Kids Min Fam,

I wanted to share with you all something very neat with you. As many of you know, I’ve been blessed to operate as the Kids’ Pastor here at The Healing Place since February 2009! It has been a fantastic time for me and our kids. Granted it was a bit strange for everyone at first.

I first felt a call to youth ministry back when I was still in high school. I had been very active in our youth ministry, FewZion Youth Ministries, pretty much the entire time I was in high school & even on my breaks during college. By God’s grace I was able to attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University to receive further training in the scriptures & in youth ministry.

When I graduated in May of 2008 I came home to serve as the Media Director while I searched for my place as a youth pastor. I applied to many different places, several of which looked very promising. Yet God kept closing door after door. Not going to lie it was kind of discouraging.

Around the December 2008 a young lady came into our youth group. I had been close to her family in the past and was excited to see her again. I told her that before she left to let me know because I wanted to be able to come down and say hi to her family. When I came down stairs I was shocked to see her mom and younger siblings all sitting in the lobby while our interim pastor was preaching.

When I asked what was going on they said “well you guys don’t have anything for the kids on Wednesday nights.” I was in shock! I had no idea that we didn’t have a program for them. Over the next few weeks I started to take a little extra look at what exactly we had going on for our kids. During this time God started to deal with me; speaking very clearly, “if you don’t like it, what are you going to do about it.”

I struggled with this because I know in my heart of hearts that I’m called to work with youth! I’d trained to work with youth. I knew nothing about kids. In fact I was scared to work with kids because I was afraid I was going to break them! But still this desire to work with them started to grow. Couple of weeks later the deacons came to me, asking if I’d pick up our Kids’ Ministry and build it up. I could not say no. Thus began this great adventure that I’ve been on for the last several years.

About 6 months ago God started dealing with me about my first passion, the youth. I started to feel a pull back to youth ministry, specifically the youth ministry here at THP. After much time and prayer I sat down and spoke with my pastor about this tugging in my spirit. Pastor and I talked about it for a bit and then he revealed to me that the Lord had been speaking the same thing to him & Pastor Matt (present youth pastor).

With all that said, dear friends, I’m here to inform you that this is my last post on this blog. Starting last night I am now the Youth Pastor at The Healing Place in Shreveport, LA. I’m proud to say my dear friends Dana & Corey Van Noppen have stepped into the TheDeep and will be running it from here on out.

Go Deep,

Dallas Mora


Note to Parents & Reactions to Christ

Dear Parents,
As you may know, we are in the process of making our own THP Wednesday Night Curriculum. While we work on it we will be doing a study on the book of John. The information I will be sending home with the children comes from a blog called Eternal Disciples.

Eternal Disciples is a blog started by Brandon McAnelly and I, some time ago. It started off as a way to help him to gather his thoughts and communicate what he has learned from the scriptures. You can view this blog by going to You are also invited to make comments on it.

Each week I will select one of the commentaries off the site and reformat it for a take home study guide. This will be a great tool and resource for you and your child’s personal study time. I would like to encourage you to take time out of each week to sit down with your child to read through the chapter and then go over the home study guide.

Be Blessed during this great journey through the book of John!


This weeks’ Reading Challenge

(5/9/12 – 5/16/12)
John 1


Everyone has a reaction to Christ. Some positive, some negative. John chapter 1 shows a variety of responses to the new that Jesus is the Christ. The first two men immediately followed after hearing that Jesus was the promised messiah. In Andrew, the news of the Messiah instantly birthed a spirit of evangelism in him. Some like, like Nathan, are skeptical at first and must have a firsthand experience with the Lord to believe.

Notice it was nothing that John or Phillip did that made their friends/disciples saved. It was simply testifying and pointing people towards the Christ. Too often we as Christians carry such a heavy burden about the salvation of those around us. Yes we should be mission oriented and share our faith every chance we get. Yes we should be concerned about our friends and family. But remember this; it’s NOT your job to get people saved. It’s the work of the Holy Ghost that saves men. Your only job is to share the truth.

Discussion Questions

What was your first reaction to the gospel?
Why do you think some people have a hard time believing in Jesus?
How would you tell people about Jesus?

God Forgives

This weeks’ Reading Challenge

(3-14-12 through 3-21-12)
Philemon 1:4-7


In our culture today, forgiveness is not seen as an admirable attribute. It’s often looked upon as a weakness that is to be avoided. Many times, we are more concerned with proving a point, rather than restoring a broken relationship. We rather hold on to our anger instead of displaying forgiveness to those that have done us wrong. It’s hard for us to forgive because we are sinners by nature. As human beings we are selfish, and in order to forgive, we must put self aside for the sake of the others.

As we look in the book of Philemon, we see the story of how one has the ability to forgive, because of the fact that God has forgiven us. Until we have experienced forgiveness through Jesus Christ, it is difficult to understand what true forgiveness is. Philemon is a great picture of how God’s forgiveness towards us, allows us the ability to forgive others. Without seeing our need for forgiveness before God, and how we have been forgiven, we will find it hard to forgive others for the wrong they have done to us.

Discussion Questions

Why is it so difficult to forgive others?

What is the true reason why we don’t want to forgive? Why is that?

How does the fact that we have been forgiven by God, help us to forgive others?