Why Panda?

Ok, So many of people ask me, “Dallas, what’s up with the panda thing? Why do some folks call you Panda?”

It’s an honest question. Many people have speculated over the origin of this name. Some have suggested that maybe it’s because I myself am rather “round.” Some have suggested that i actually look a bit like a panda. While all are interesting theories I’m afraid they are all wrong.

So the Truth as to why i am The Giant Samurai Panda… Well to understand that i must give you a little bit of a back story…

Several years ago I had an online ministry. Using the webblog Xanga. i surfed the net meeting different people. Some believers, some not.  Actually that page still exists to this day, and i do updated from time to time. It is www.xanga.com/crazy_jesus_freak

A lot of my ministry was with with young people who dealt with very real very depressing emotions. Many of them had a real problem with cutting (or self-injury) One of the problems with this kind of ministry is that if you are not careful, you can become very drained and start to feel depressed too.

At the time I was very close to this one family. They were kind of an extension of my family. In this family there was a young girl who was about the age of 10 or 11. Let’s call her Vicky. Vicky was a life saver! She was the kind of girl that no matter how messed up or sad of a day I had, she would make me feel happy again in a minute!

Well one day while talking on AIM Vicky was really sad. Immediately i was like “oh no! if Vicky is feeling sad then the entire world is about to explode!” So i sat there for moment and thought “Quick! think of something fun, goofy, and cute to make her smile” So on impulse i typed out


It worked! She and i spent about 10 or 15 minutes joking around about how i was a Giant Samurai Panda and she was a Ninja Duck! Before long she was laughing again and the world seemed right. 🙂

So that’s the story as to why, I am The Giant Samurai Panda.


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